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    The Best Tax Preparation Service In Mokena, IL

    Tax season can be very daunting. Every year there are new additions to the tax code that can be hard to decipher without a degree. That is why it is best to leave your return to a tax preparation service in Mokena, IL like Barbee Tax Consulting, LLC. We offer a wide range of professional services to ensure that filing your return is easy instead of stressful. In fact, some of our services are provided all year round so that you are not overwhelmed with receipts and paperwork when tax season comes along.

    We can happily help you complete your return each and every year. No matter how much your company made in the last year, we look for every deduction possible so that you pay less out of pocket. The money saved can easily be reinvested back into the company to help you grow.

    Every business, no matter how large or small, needs bookkeepers. In the past, bookkeeping was done with a pen and paper, but today there are plenty of software suites that make this work easier, such as QuickBooks. We can train you or your bookkeepers on how to use QuickBooks and keep track of expenditures, taxes and more.

    Our company can also happily supply yours with a consultant who works with you all year round to reduce your tax liabilities. They can look into any investments, purchases or sales that you make and tell you what you may owe in taxes as a result. Often, companies conduct financial transactions without knowing the tax consequences that can come up later. With the help of one of our consultants, you will never get any big surprises due to financial investments made months earlier.

    If your business utilizes the Affordable Care Act or ACA, then our consultants can also help you by ensuring that all IRS notices are done in a timely matter. Our professional CPA who is assigned to you will keep detailed files and records by capturing offers of coverage and reducing or avoiding potential penalties or liabilities.

    Sometimes, companies are randomly chosen for audit by the IRS. Our CPAs can mount a vigorous defense and help you get through the audit with ease. They can also work with you to avoid any potential red flags that could cause an audit in the future. This gives you some real peace of mind, as audits are scary and knowing that someone has your back during one is a wonderful thing to have.

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