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    February 22nd, 2018

    Certified Public Accountant

    Countless consumers have been making the incredibly costly mistake of going to franchise tax services to get their yearly taxes done. As a result, they often wind up getting audited and they frequently fail to get all of the deductions that they’re qualified to receive. These are mistakes that small and micro-business owners can hardly afford to make. Whether you need to file for yourself or for your company, it is always far better to work with a licensed CPA instead. Are you looking for a…

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    January 16th, 2018

    CPA in Mokena

    Whether you are a private consumer, the owner of a small or micro-sized business, or someone who maintains a vast and highly profitable company, it is definitely important to avoid completing you taxes on your own. Not only are there a number of potential deductions that you’re likely to overlook, but even seemingly small mistakes can wind up costing you a veritable fortunate. Are you looking for a tax preparation service in Mokena, IL? If you are, then Barbee Tax Consulting, LLC has the…

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