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    August 12th, 2020

    August 12, 2020 Our nation has been rattled with uncertainty – from mass school closings to stay-at-home orders. Long gone are the days where going to the bank or the grocery store without a mask is permitted. Infections and death tolls are on the rise, and Americans are afraid for their safety. With these uncertainties, the pandemic known as the Coronavirus has affected the way we live our lives and conduct business. In response, our federal officials have created The Coronavirus…

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    June 4th, 2020

    Whether you own a business or are getting ready to start one, you may wonder whether you need to enlist the services of a certified public accountant (CPA) or when. Hiring a CPA in New Lenox IL is beneficial for various reasons and you can hire the professional on a part-time or full-time basis. Here are some of the reasons you should hire a certified public accountant. Hiring a CPA from a reputable company such as Barbee Tax Consulting, LLC is important when starting a business. We can help…

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    March 23rd, 2020

    On March 20, 2020, the IRS issued Notice 2020-18 announcing that federal income tax payments and payments due on April 15th may be deferred until July 15th. Many states are expected to follow suit with the IRS, but as of March 20, 2020, many have not, including Illinois. The AICPA is keeping track of state tax developments. To determine whether your state is extending please follow the AICPA COVID-19 State Extensions tracker.

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    February 27th, 2020

    Many people around the world file tax information annually. Coming up with taxation details is not easy. It would help if you had experts to handle this task for you. People who reside in Mokena and adjacent areas consider our company as the most reliable to help them in filing taxation details. Over the years, we have helped many people to avoid dare consequences or defaulting taxes. Here are things you must discover about our firm that provides the best income tax accountants in…

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    November 26th, 2019

    Every adult citizen must file their taxes yearly. This action is important because it helps in keeping the country up and running. The process is tedious and frustrating especially if you do not know how to go about it. This is where Barbee Tax Consulting, LLC comes in, we relieve you of the stress that comes along with this process. Here is more on

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