Temporary Help

The AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) reports that three out of four businesses outsource their tax functions. It’s efficient, accurate and allows businesses to focus on more value-added initiatives, such as sales and/or marketing engagements. Barbee Tax Consulting, LLC provides in-house, temporary management, and staff services on a contract basis.

Project Tax Management

Tax projects can be burdensome businesses. Barbee Tax Consulting, LLC provides contract services in-house until the project is complete. Businesses benefit by not having to engage a temporary staffing company that have the tax credentials to be successful. With Barbee Tax Consulting, LLC you can rest assured that the tax project will be completed accurately.

Tax Temporary Staffing Services

During tax season many tax departments are overwhelmed with ASC-740-10 and tax compliance requirements. Our CPA’s provide additional resources for businesses to ensure that you meet your deadlines. In addition, Barbee Tax Consulting, LLC is not limited to manufacturing or other companies that sell tangible products, but includes service business and other accounting firms.

For reliable and prompt temporary assistance please use our inquiry form to get started.